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Romping In The Bluebonnets

This weekend was our weekend in Texas for J's buddy's wedding. So, J, j, Gemma and myself all loaded up, and we drove down Thursday night (overnight) to BCS to spend some time with J's family too. I, of course, have never been down to Texas in the spring, but the wildflowers are GORGEOUS, especially the bluebonnets. It just looks like they exploded all over the country side! They were everywhere. J's mom wanted us all to take some pictures in the bluebonnets so we drove out to the side of a road in the middle of wherever and took some pics. They turned out great. It was quite entertaining to get the kiddos (J's nieces were there too) to cooperate and the puppy, not to mention J's mom losing her balance to kneel down with her grandbabies. And she had to wrangle all three kids and a puppy to take J & I's pic together...God bless her. It was NOT easy. Ha! The most adorable picture of them all was of my little baby girl:

How precious is this picture??!? Ugh! I could squeeze her to death and eat her up, she's so freaking cute! *Squee* The adorableness is seriously fatal people....Adore at your own risk.

The wedding venue was absolutely gorgeous - in fact, that place is my DREAM house - but I have to say the wedding and reception its self was a major snooze. Not just by my high/wild standards, just boring in general. J's friend (the groom) was way too busy to really visit with which isn't a surprise but everyone else J knew basically was IN the wedding. We came with another couple so we all decided to leave and go out during the reception. We were supposed to meet the bride and groom out at the hotel after they were done but got the hotels mixed up (Went to Hyatt B instead of Hyatt A kind of thing - across town, oops), so we didn't get to see them anymore. She didn't really seem like my type of hang out buddy anyway, but I was sad that J didn't get to see his friend more than he did. J wanted to see the MMA fights that were happening that night (Oh Gawd. Would be a pity and a shame to miss those) so we went to Twin Peaks to watch the fights. Very crowded. Full of DPickles. Thought we were back in JOCO for a minute. In case you don't know what "Twin Peaks" is, its like a Hooters only with a Lumberjack theme and no ugly tan tights and high tops.

We then went out to one of the bar districts and went to Coyote Ugly. It was exactly like the movie in that the bar name was the same, the bartenders were girls and they danced on the bar, but its so much more tacky and "girl-on-girl" in real life. I really felt out of place cause, you know, I'm not bi. Saw four or five really awkward - "girl licking girl" body shots so...score there. I think J wished for a split second that I was into all that wild "making out with random members of the same sex to impress your boyfriend" type activity, and then remembered, hey, he may actually want me to be the mother of his children someday, and - lets face it people - you just can't be both. You just can't. You're either one or the other, its just NOT possible to be both. Love or Lust...

Anyway, so that was fun and we stayed up way too late and had to get up early yesterday morning to drive all 12 hours back home. I'm pooped, so that's all your getting for now. Hopefully this post makes sense and I didn't leave anything cool out.


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