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One Month Till The Big ONE

I'm sad. Where the HECK did my baby go? And where did this toddler come from...??

Brazos celebrated his 11 month birthday on Christmas Day in Texas. This picture was taken that morning, his very first Christmas morning. :) There's something oh so special about a baby's first Christmas!

The entire week we were in Texas, Brazos did not have a single bite of baby food. He had big kid food for every meal. His Mimi made some spaghetti that he was pretty crazy about along with her awesome corn casserole and party potatoes. He ate these three things quite frequently during his visit (not all in one meal mind you). He also loved the ham! Well, he basically loved it all :)

Brazos is now cruising around the furniture some and is standing a lot more but he's still pretty uninterested in walking. I'm really ok with that too. He's decided he no longer like his bouncer so mommy gets to chase him around all evening and doesn't get anything done until Daddy gets home and takes over playing with the monster for a little while. He's started dancing when he hears music too which is pretty freaking cute. He waves bye-bye and hello, of course and has been for several months. He gives "five", LOVES patty-cake, and can point to your nose. He's started pointing pretty recently but not really as an inquiry, just general pointing of the finger. We're working on blowing kisses and pionting at his own nose, eyes, mouth, etc but those are all taking a bit. It's amazing to watch him listen and actually understand the things you are saying. He's becoming quite the talker too. He says: Mama, Mommy, Dada, Daddy, Nana (banana), No-No, Dog, Baby, Bye, Eat, Truck, Thank You, and tries to mimic just about anything you say. Its still coming out as the "sound" of the word rather than the word itsself - "Tuh" = "Truck", "Doh" = "Dog". But you can always tell what he's trying to say. More and more he's just jabbering incoherently about whatever so I just listen and talk back and forth with him. I like our "chats".

I think he's working on another tooth but I'm not sure which one. He has several swollen spots in his gums but they are all too far back to be ready to come in so he may just be teething but not really getting anything in yet. I'm really not sure what comes next after the top four and bottom four in the front...

For his birthday, we've decided on a "little man" theme - mustaches and neckties. Its going to be adorable. I did the invites myself! (Thank you again SOOOO much Bobbi Sharp Photography for letting me [ILLEGALLY] use the photo you took of Brazos for the invite!!!!)

I'm so excited!! Mustaches for EVERYONE!!! :o) (I'm also hoping all the cute mustaches & neckties will distract me from the fact that my teeny tiny little man is turning ONE)


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