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Little Update on the Fam...

What's Up With THE ALLEN'S:

1. Brazos was in Daycare H-E-L-L the past week. Tonya quit (basically) due to Hadley's health issues. I'm soooooooooo super sad and bummed and upset but I understand. She didn't foresee these issues and she's not doing it on purpose and she's sad too. BUT her baby comes first - as she should. Last week he went to a daycare center for the first time and it was not a pleasant experience. I'm pretty sure Brazos is traumatized for life [or at least the next few weeks] over the ordeal and mommy isn't too happy either. Its over now, though. He's with Tonya this week and he starts at his new daycare on Monday. Tonya and I went and toured this new place and we were both very impressed. They seem willing to work with me to make sure Brazos is adjusting well and happy - and that's all I'm really asking.

2. Brazos is cutting his 1 year molars. Misery...pure misery for my poor baby. He's a drooly whiny mess [without the added daycare mess] and he's not sleeping well at night because cutting teeth = runny/congested nose, low grade fever, pain, lots of drool & ear infections. Advil and Tylenol are his best friends. He just got over his third round of ear infections [within the last 4 or 5 months] and he's grabbing at his ears again which means most likely he's in the middle of round 4... We have a dr's appointment tomorrow so we shall see. Sigh - I see tubes in the ears in his near future. Poor guy.

3. We are moving March 1st. We gave our notice on the 7th and paid the deposit so - Its really happening!! Very exciting and stressful. I'll have to do all the packing myself and we're going to be getting rid of a TON of stuff's going to be a hectic month but it'll be worth it in the end. I'll post pics of the new place once its officially our new residence (and there isn't someone else living in it!) Its not the same one I blogged about a few weeks ago but its in the same area (not in a cul-de-sac like I wanted but still a much better neighborhood than we're in now). This duplex has a two car garage and is bigger then the place we're at now. Same landlord as the one we looked at before too and he seems pretty alright and laid back so that's a big plus as well.

4. Jason's in the middle of getting his pre-req's out of the way so he can start the doctorate program in the fall (I'm pretty sure he starts in the fall - may edit this later). He's taking a crap-ton of Chemistry courses which he is thoroughly [not] enjoying. He got a C in his first class which he was disappointment about but I'm still impressed. He's been out of school for 4 years and Chem is H.A.R.D. He currently has a B in both of the Chem classes he is taking now and could quite possibly have A's in both classes by the end of the module. He's working very hard and (dare I say it :) I'm very proud of him!!! He's going to kick @ss these next four years and then he'll be a DOCTOR... I'm so excited for him! :o) But, this is taking a lot of sacrifice on both of our parts and I feel like a single parent a lot of the times while I'm trying to get everything done and fix all these problems by myself and allow him to be able to study and focus on work and school. And unfortunately, its only going to get worse before it gets better... I can do this, right?! I'll survive it all but I hope he knows that after this four years is over and he graduates, he is NOT getting to slack on his half of the parental duties any more! Haha!

5. I don't have too much to update on Jacob. He's started wrestling, as you know, and he's kicking butt so far. We think he's doing better in school but I'm not sure if we're getting any feedback from his teachers - at least Jason hasn't mentioned anything to me about it. I need to ask him I guess! He turned 8 on the 20th and I can hardly believe how big he has gotten since the first time I met him 3 years ago... We celebrated his birthday on the 28th, same day as Brazos but instead of having a "birthday party" like Braz's, he got to have a friend over and then all the guys went and played laser tag to celebrate his birthday - and we got him a super yummy cookie cake! It was too good and I ate way too much of it!! I think he had a fun birthday overall :)

That's all I can think of at the moment - which this is enough! Ha! Just wanted to jot this stuff down to keep everyone that reads this thing posted :)


Bobbi Sharp said…
Things definitely get more stressful before they get better, that's for sure. Hang'll be so worth it in the end. Right now with A's graveyard schedule he's sacrificing a lot of time with the kids, but in the end the kids probably won't even remember. ;o)

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