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WOW - Been awhile!

I have so much to update on here. Sigh. I hate getting behind.

Things have been crazy with work so not much time to blog - I'll just post a few updates and hopefully get more details and pictures up soon.

Brazos - We officially have a walker! St. Patrick's Day he just up and walked around the house all day and has been doing it ever since. I knew it would be that way but its still funny how fast it happens. We are ear infection free at the moment for the past 2 weeks or so. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way until the end of May when I can actually take a couple days off work to get his tubes done. Yes, I am having tubes put in... Two weeks after his appt with the ENT he got yet another ear infection. I hate seeing my baby suffer and he's got a couple molars and his eye-teeth left to cut! Speaking of molars. He has 2 1/2 molars in. The two on the bottom are basically through and part of one of the top molars. He's getting really drooly again so I'm thinking he's about to start another round of teething here pretty soon. Keeping a momma-hawk's eye on him! He got pictures taken at daycare and they are just adorable - we may not be able to make rent but I bought them all and the CD (it actually wasn't that bad of a price, money's just rrreeeeaaalllyyy tight right now) so I will [hopefully] upload those when I get the CD. He's just getting so big I can hardly believe it!! Definitely not a baby anymore... Speaking of daycare, he is doing really well! I really like it so far and he seems happy so I think we've found a good fit. Thank goodness!

Jason - He officially got accepted into the DC program! Yay! I could not be more proud or excited for my husband. He starts at the end of April instead of this fall - which is good and bad. Good that since he's starting earlier, he'll be finished earlier. Bad that we are not ready for the loss of income from him not being able to work as much AND less time to get QT in with him before his schedule gets crazy. We will make it work though - just tough times ahead for our family (say a prayer or two for us if you will that we will make it through this next 3 years or so without too much hardship). Jason is really excited to be studying anatomy type classes again and get away from Chemistry for a while. He's quoting all the muscles and bones of the body when he talks - THAT won't get old at all over the next three years [lol just teasing babe]. ;) Its kinda cute right now because I know he's just excited to be studying something he knows and likes. I think he's nuts. Give me Chemistry any day...but I'm more of a math/problem solver than a memorizing anatomy kinda gal.

Jake - not too much to update on Jake. He finished up wrestling and got a couple tournaments under his belt. He's now starting baseball - which is more his style. He and Jason are practicing a lot [of course] when Jake is with us. Not sure what the plans are for this summer as far as baseball goes but I'm sure we'll make our way up north for a game or two. He'll be going to summer camp again this year when he's with us which I'm sure will make him very happy. He had a lot of fun last year I think. We don't hear a lot about him in school [or at least I don't] so I'm guessing he's doing better/ok/acceptable...? I'm sure I would hear from Jason if he was still doing poorly. His grade card looked a lot better from last year when I saw it. I think he's getting there and it kinda proves the point Jason and I made that he was just too immature last year.

The new place - we got all moved into the new duplex. And...we love it! We've got a lot of decorating and settling left to do but its been great so far. Things have been better with Jason and I and the commute is so much better. Amazing what 30 minutes a day less commute time will do for you! We met our neighbors to west of us and we really like them. They are a young couple like us with kids. They came over this past weekend and hung out with us. We had a great time with them so I'm sure we will all be friends for a while. Jason made friends with the dad next door to the east. They are going to start working out together some during the day. I never see the mom though [neither has Jason] but they have two sons that we've seen out and about a little but that's about it with them. The neighborhood is awesome and we really love it too. All in all I think it was a great move!

Jason and I have been working hard to lose weight and look good for our cruise. I've lost 9lbs so far! [Yay me!!] Jason and I are going to a yoga class together which is awesome - I love yoga! And I'm doing better about my workouts. I ran a little over 3 miles the other night and I feel like I could easily run a 5K now - which feels super cool. We both have a long ways to go to get to our goals but we are doing good so far... I'll try and restart my FAF's so I can keep track of my progress a little better - maybe include pics of myself this time. I took a bra/panty only picture at the beginning on this month to show where I started from. If I'm brave enough [eek] I may put it on here. It looks gross from behind so I may just keep that one for myself or show it at the end when I don't look like that anymore! Haha!

Mom, Heather, and I FINALLY got our star tattoos this past weekend! (Thanks Mom!) It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we finally did it! Now we'll always have a reminder of each other - so cool. :)

I better get back to work. Budget season and end-of-year fun - I'm swamped! Trying my best to prove myself valuable and try and get my reputation back in order work wise. I really will try and post more later. Just wanted to make sure and update these few things...

Until then.


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