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This is About ME

Hi. I'm a mom. Wow...didn't really ever think that was going to happen and always wanted to be a mom. Now that I am? I LOVE IT!! But, I'm already realizing you start losing a little bit of yourself here and there. I would never trade it for the world, but it seems like you decide to give up one thing after another when you are a wife/mommy and you never realize you're doing it until one day you are in the same pj's for the third day in a row without a shower, no makeup or deodorant, for that look down at your squishy stretch marked tummy and the barely-hangin-on-to-your-big-toenail dark blue nail polish from the the pedi your friend got you two months ago and wonder..."What just happened??" Hypothetically speaking that is...ahem. Anyway, I just wanted to type out a post about myself and how I'm doing without any mention of my favorite little person. Sorry if you were wanting a baby update, you can stop reading now.

I lost 40 lbs after having the little person who shall not be mentioned in this post. Yay me. And then nada. So, I started slowly exercising again. Nothing. Now, I'm amping up the exercise every day and trying to watch what I eat which has gotten me...+2 lbs. What the hell. This is going to be interesting, isn't it?! Don't answer that. I'm DETERMINED to lose at the very least 20 more lbs before summer and another 10 by fall. I'm just worried about dieting while I'm breastfeeding. Anyone got any suggestions on that?? What's safe? My typical dieting is cutting WAY back on my portion unhealthy amounts so I need some advice on that one.

I have a hair appt for the first time in MONTHS and MONTHS with my most favorite hair dresser in G-Town. Yes, I'm driving all the way home just for a hair cut and color but she's the best and even with the cost of gas, still cheaper than getting same thing done in the city. Sad, non? Here's what I'm thinking about getting done:


I desperately want to go shoe and clothing shopping! My hubbs gave me $50 in gift cards to Macy's. I haven't gone yet because there will be overspending...much overspending. I'm afraid for my bank account.

We bought a new car - YAY NO MORE VAN!!!!! Its an 09 Saturn Aura and I love it to pieces. It has Jason's name on it but its M-I-N-E. Happy me. Here's a pic. (That being said, I want to buy my sister a new car - the guilt is killing me. Our van died and we had to get a new one but she STILL needs a new car more than I do. Sorry Heather)

I don't want to talk about all the sad stuff that's been going on in my world this I won't mention the death of TWO family members and another in serious condition in ICU. Its been a horribly rough week.

Did you know you HAVE to have your birth certificate to get your Missouri driver's license??? How freaking dumb is that?? I mean, I didn't need it for my Social Security Card...isn't that a little more serious than a driver's license?? Rah-Tarded.

I am desperate for some quality time with my hubby that last longer than 15 minutes. And to be able to actually do something in that quality time - hopefully will get good news on that tomorrow at my postpartem appt. Wish me luck with the duckbill and spot light.

I miss not smelling like a week old gym sock and being able to wear a bikini in public...but, its worth it. :o)


Max's Mommy said…
That haircut is much cuter than I was picturing. Do it!

Your post about the car totally made me choke up. What's worse is I don't know if it was bc I thought it was sweet, or I'm terrible upset that I need a car the worst and BOTH my sibs get new cars. Not fair! LOL

We should go get pedis together. My tootsies need some lovin' too.

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