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2 Months Old!

My sweet baby boy is 2 months old (this post is about a week old but things have been a little busy 'round here). On the 25th, he had his 2 month check up and his first round of shots - I'll get back to that in a second. Brazos is 14 lbs 9 1/2 oz, 96.8 percentile, and is 24 1/4 inches long, 90.76 percentile. Needless to say, he's a big, strong healthy boy!

Brazos has been sleeping AWESOME! He's still sleeping 6-7 hours before waking to eat and then goes back down for 3-4 more hours. And last night, he slept through the entire night! 8 Hours! I have the best baby in the world...He's so good to his mommy. :o)

He's also cooing and smiling a TON. He and I just jabber away at each other when he's finally awake for the day - that's when he's at his happiest. I love sitting with him in my lap, facing each other and he's just cooing and aahhing and smiling at me. That time is so precious to me and I'm trying to soak up every second of it while I can. The other day when we were having one of our morning "chats", he looked down and noticed his feet. He just STARED at them for a long time like he'd never noticed those crazy things at the end of his legs before. I leaned him forward a little and put his hands on his feet so he could check 'em out a little more and his eyes got even wider. He thought that was pretty cool. He also LOVES for us to stand him up on our laps when we hold him - he thinks he's pretty big stuff standing there like that. His little legs are so strong, he can stand there for a long time - his balance is crazy wobbly though HAHA. Brazos has noticed the TV and likes to sit with us and watch it (see picture on Daddy's tummy above) - so sad that he's so mesmerized by the boob tube already. Oh well. Whatever makes my punkin happy! I'm such a sucker already. And, at night when mommy's cooking supper, Braz loves for Daddy to turn on his iPod and sing to him. He coo's and tries to sing along with Daddy. Its adorable :o)

At his 2 month appointment, Braz had to get his first shots. It was so horrible and traumatic - for Mommy much more than Brazos! He was smiling and flirting with the nurse (too much like his Daddy I tell ya LOL) and she gave him the first shot. It must not of been too bad cause he looked at her for a split second and then went back to smiling and cooing. Then the second shot...OMGoodness!! Horrible. He screamed and did the silent, beet red face cry. She did the third shot and wasn't much different. Then I scooped him up to snuggle him and he was making the most pathetic, sad cry you've ever heard in your life. It was awful. It made Mommy cry too. It took me a few minutes to calm him down so that I could get him in the carseat again to go home. When we got home he was so clingy and I could tell he didn't feel good. I finally had to ask Daddy to come home and bring our baby some Tylenol. His little leggies were hurting him so bad. All he wanted to do was cuddle with Mommy and even that he would wimper and cry when he moved his legs.
My poor sweet baby!

Mommy was trying to make it better - look at his sad little face!! :o(

I told you! So sad!! Anyway, he slept and slept and slept for about 24 hours and then finally got to feeling better. He has to go back to the doctor in May for his 4 month appointment and for another round of shots. Mommy's going to give him Tylenol before we go this time so maybe it won't be as bad - for Brazos anyway.

That's about it on Brazos, I think. I love him so much sometimes I think I might combust when I see him! This Sunday, Jason and I have a wedding to go to for one of his clients so Brazos is going to stay with his "Aunt" Lindsey for the evening. This will be the longest I'm away from him since he's been born - I'm so nervous! But it'll be good practice for when I go back to work next Thursday. REALLY dreading next Thursday. He's going to go hang out with Tonya on Monday for a "practice" run so I can see how long it takes to get to her house in the morning with traffic and I'm going to do somethings around the house, run some errands, etc while he's there and they are getting acquainted with each other. Tuesday he and I are taking another roadtrip to SEK so I can get my hair done and we are going to go visit Great-Grandma Kay. Wednesday I plan on snuggling him all day long and doing nothing else...I'm tearing up already thinking about Thursday. Boo. :o(


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