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Enough about ME...

...Let's talk about the boys of the family.

Brazos is growing so fast. I feel like I have to look at him every few minutes or I'm going to turn around and see a 2 year old. I'm trying to soak in every moment - and three weeks from today I'll have fewer opportunities to do that! But let's not talk about that or I may cry. Brazos turned 7 weeks on Tuesday (15th). He's smiling and cooing a ton now. He loves it when Daddy or I sing to him and loves to be talked to. Yesterday I laid him down on his play mat and he was mesmerized. He laid there for a quite a while just happy as a lark cooing away. Yay for entertaining himself and not needing to be held! I've officially moved him from his bassinet to his crib. I started with just naps and Tuesday night I let him sleep in his crib at night too. One reason for doing this is so I can take down his pack n play and another is because he's getting too long for his bassinet! And I need to confess (his doctor would seriously frown) but I've been laying him on his tummy for his naps and last night I let him sleep on his tummy and guess what - he slept for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS! And so did Mommy, it was awesome. I know, I know...he's not supposed to be on his tummy and I give myself a lecture every time I do it and have a slight panic attack as I leave the room but he sleeps SO MUCH BETTER on his tummy and its too hot right now to swaddle him (not that he stays in it anyway). But I digress... Next week is his two month appointment and he gets his first round of shots. Mommy is very, very nervous - I'm not ready for shots. :o(

Jacob is coming for a three day weekend this weekend. YAY! Daddy is pretty giddy about getting him for three whole days. Jake has a parent teacher conference today and Dad went to his school early to sit in class with him for a couple hours to see how he does with him in the room. Mrs. Stock set up a special time for Jason and Janet to meet since they had some extra issues to talk about. Hopefully they can all come to an agreement today on whether or not to hold Jacob back a grade. Mrs. Stock and Jason (and I for that matter) agree that it would be in Jake's best interest to redo the first grade. He's just not ready and it would be very beneficial for him to get a second chance to catch up and mature a little more. He's not at the same level as the rest of his classmates and its better to do it now then later when he has stronger friendships with the kids in his grade. Unfortunately Janet does not agree and she has the final say in the matter so we shall see how today goes. I'm hoping whatever's best for Jacob is the winning decision today. I think there's a lot of life changes going on for Jake right now with Jason and I getting married and Brazos coming into the picture. He loves his little brother but I'm wondering if he isn't starting to feel a little jealousy. I know that will change once he can play with Brazos some more but for now, Jason and I are just trying to give Jake some special attention and some one-on-one time with Jason. I know everything will be fine, I just don't want Jake to feel left out. Other than that, Jacob is his same silly, sweet self. He's loving wrestling still and Jason's trying to get him on a wrestling team in St. Joe. A couple weekends ago, I found him some practically brand new wrestling shoes and head gear at a consignment sale I went to - SCORE - so he's got to practice with dad with some real gear that weekend. There was also another kid his age at the gym so he got to wrestle a little with a kid too. He loves wrestling! Wonder where he gets that from... ;o)

Jason is crazy busy with work these days which is good since I'm on maternity leave and as of Tuesday my short term disability is done (eek). He's working on getting his bootcamps started up and trying to advertise like crazy to get them filled. Its so nice for us to be able to see each other on his breaks during the day. When I'm working, we don't get to see each other much during the week except for a couple hours in the evenings. Its going to be hard going back to that in a couple weeks. We'll just have to schedule in some "us" time here and there.

Speaking of us time, Jason surprised me the other day and told me he's taking us on a cruise the day after Christmas - just the TWO of us! Yay! Its only going to be a three day cruise but that's three marvelous days of alone time. We will be in Texas for Christmas so his mom is going to watch the boys. I'm so excited!!

The Allen family is going to Texas for Easter next month too. I can't wait to see everyone and for the rest of the family to meet Brazos. He's going to be spoiled ROTTEN that weekend from being held 24/7. We are going to get family pics while we are down there as well - hopefully some in the bluebonnets again too.

I know there is more to update but I can't think of anything else at the moment so I'll post more later.

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! Drink a Guinness for me :o)


BnE's Mommy said…
Doctor's don't know everything! B would ONLY sleep on her tummy, for three months we forced her to sleep on her back and it was pure torture. We rolled her to her tummy and never looked back. She started sleeping like a champ. So you definitely need to find what works for each child, regardless of what a "medical professional" might say. :)

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