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Year-end is finally nearing the home stretch. Ahhh...feels like I can slack at work again. A-men, glory glory hallelujah, "this house is clee-ah", I have exorciiiiised the demons...

Wait I got off track, on a random post, that's pretty bad, but I'm pretty gosh darn excited/exhausted about/from the impending death of Lockton Fiscal Year-End (may he burn in hell mwah ha ha ha ha ha). Its been a rough couple of weeks, can you tell?

But I digress.

MOTHER'S DAY....another massive fail. My mom has to hate me, if she doesn't, she at least must think I hate her. Well at least I called my mother on mother's day to wish her a good one, but T.H.A.T.S. I.T. Daughter of the year award, I think not. Sorry mum. I promise to do better next year. I may have to do something before then though, I'm feeling pretty horridably craptastic about myself. Can't let my "favorite child" title go to my sister! Gawd NO!! Definitely have to make it up to my momma and fast...

I'm participating in a "flip flop swap" - what kind of super stupendous awesomeness is this you ask??!? You get a swappin' buddy and you send them a pair of flip flops..and then....someone SENDS YOU A PAIR TOOO!! Whoo hoo! I'm kind of excited. Although I'm more excited about sending my swappin' buddy her flops. I'm gonna make some super awesome Martha Stewart'esque embellished goodness - well that's the plan anyway, they will probably end up crap but its the thought that counts right??! I'll post some photos of my superb creations before I ship them (in case you want yours truly to make you your very own pair of priceless works of fashion art) and then I'll post a pic of my new flops as well! Unless the pair I get look cooler than the ones I made in which case, I'll conveniently never have time to take a picture of them :) Wouldn't want any comparisons going on out there in www world.

This weekend is Rockfest. We're gonna rock till our faces melt off. Its a pretty killer time. May or may not post pictures - depends on how fun it is and how safe the pics are to post. Heh. exacetely 11 days. The fiercest, most awesomest, rockinest party of them all is gonna take place. MY WHITE TRASH BIRTHDAY BASH! Promises to be a killer time. J's parents are coming all the way from BCS, TX just to be there for MY birthday. Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal. *Ron Burgundy voice* I've a l m o s t decided what I want my trashy ensemble to look like but I can't decide if I want to lean more towards Brandy Dirt or Peg Bundy... Tough Decisions. Leaning more towards Brandy... What do you think?

I'm leaning more towards Brandy cause I have short hair...and, sadly, already have most of the outfit at home. But I loves me some trashy Peg!!

And J says he has big birthday plans for me during the day of my birthday. Not sure what it is and I'm not going to try and guess. I like surprises and I HATE when they get ruined. He ALSO says he got my b-day present already. I'm guessing it goes along with my white trash theme and its a box of wine, a carton of Liggett cigarettes, and a pack of press on purple nails...but that's more just a guess to amuse myself than anything.

This past weekend, J and I did a little landscaping out in the yard. We took lots o pictures which I'll probably just post on facebook and my project 365...which I need to update on a more regular basis. Geez I suck, except I DO remember to take a picture every day so I'm pretty proud of myself there. Every little accomplishment is a big deal for me, 'k people?

Welp. That's all I got for today (except maybe a self lesson on grammer, geesh). Ya'll have a good day.

Trashy Lassy Out.


Anonymous said…
All I need is a phone call!!! :)

Max's Mommy said…
This made me laugh. You are crazy.

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