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Mudfest 2010

Welp, we knew Rockfest was going to be interesting this year because of all the rain we've been getting. We knew it was going to be a muddy mess, hence the rain boots purchase. What we didn't totally prepare for was the drizzly rainy 50 degree weather to go along with the mud. So, it kind of sucked.... BUT, we made the best of it and had a good time laughing at all the tweekers and drunk @sses falling all over themselves in the mud. Good Times!

I got to see the one band I was really pumped for - HALESTORM!

I have a girl crush on Lzzy Hale and she did NOT let me down with the hotness either!! Her brother RJ (who is the drummer) was pretty freaking yummy too.

The rain was going as soon as we got there, but it let up off and on throughout the afternoon. My rain boots were the best thing ever invented and worth every penny of the $17 I spent on them! I wasn't slipping and sliding in the muddy mess like every other flip-flop wearing tard out there. You wouldn't believe all the barefoot people...D.U.M. Dumb...

Large group activities like these are never without drama and we had our share. It was all centered around ONE person this time though, one girl's mom was waiting at the gate for us at 9:30 AM (doesn't even open till 11) for her ticket which was with us. We didn't plan on going until 1. First of all, I don't see where it is our responsibility to change all our plans because she decides to get there that early. We couldn't go any earlier of course because we had j and couldn't (wouldn't) change our babysitting arrangements. Secondly, her mom got TRASHED and was ANNOYING AS HELL, yelling and whooping and hollering at everyone and being completely obnoxious until she passed out by a tree. It was embarrassing. I was super annoyed and trying really hard not to be a bitch about it. (I just want to take this time to say THANK YOU to my mother for being an ADULT and responsible and not a pathetic drunk-butt. Love you momma). We spent the rest of the time by the tree with her passed out drunk mom. Then she wanted to bring her mom back to my house. I hate to admit it but I was a total B**** and looked at her like she was crazy and rude for asking. I can't help it. I didn't want her drunk mud covered dramatic pukey @ss at my house. I told her that that was fine while secretly thinking to myself I would just make her stay in the garage. I mean, WHERE IN THE HELL WERE THE PEOPLE THAT BROUGHT HER TO THE CONCERT??!?!?!!!! They were there somewhere, why weren't they babysitting her stupid butt. Why is it her daughter's responsibility or the ENTIRE group's for that matter. Ugh - ok venting over :)

After about 4 or 5 hours, we all decided that if it started raining again, we would go ahead and get outta there and 5 minutes later... it started raining. That was a good enough sign for us! We had already sent the drunken mess to the gates with her daughter to get her loaded up in a taxi to get her home (thank goodness) so we just told her to stay at the gate and we'd meet her up there. We got a taxi van driver to let us all pile into one instead of having to call another one (the middle seats are removed from the vans, in case you were wondering). We all made it home without someone plowing into us and knocking us into the mud. It was amazing to say the least.

All in all, I'm glad we went. It was pretty hilarious to watch everyone fall. If it had been 15 - 20 degrees warmer it may even have been a blast with the mud.... Oh well. J has already said, next year better be an amazing line up for us to even consider going. I would have to agree with him after this year.


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