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{9} of THIRTY

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1. My Grandma Kay - she was a huge influence over me growing up. I can think of so many of her great qualities that I try to live up to: Seeing God in all the little things He does for us, Loving others no matter their circumstance, and Cherish the past and those who were in it.
2. My mom & stepdad - What more influence could someone have over me than the people that raised me?! They taught me wrong from right, the importance of not putting my makeup on while driving, if you don't have the money for something right now - don't buy it, gave me the blessing of being raised in a small town, made me get a job when I was 16 (thank you), every holiday and childhood tradition are soooo important to maintain as a parent, I could go on forever. Thank you guys.
3. My dad - I was taught a lot of life lessons from my dad without him being around much. Good, bad or indifferent, he has influenced me a lot in my life. He wasn't really there as a dad, and I'm just now realizing and learning how much that really affected me and has influenced a lot of my life decisions. Thankfully I had a Dad in my life so I don't feel left out on that experience but its a hard fact to swallow that my own dad kind of gave up for a while. He's trying to make up for it, and our relationship is better, for which I am very thankful for my kids' sake at least. I'm not angry with him or resentful because I wouldn't be who I am today if everything hadn't worked out the way it did.
4. My sister, Heather - I don't know of anyone else's opinion I value more than my sister's. I can always talk to her and trust that I will get an objective (for the most part ;), honest (VERY honest) opinion from her. She has a good way of looking at both sides of the story or bringing a new perspective to something. It makes me sad that she doesn't see how awesome she really is, but then again, I'm sure she feels the same way about me. I love her style-tastes and I always check to see what she's into or finds on the internet. I ask her what books are good and all the blogs I follow are because she's pointed them out to me. I miss her so much sometimes I could cry, which is funny cause I never would've thought that would be true growing up. I'm loving being adults together and having babies/raising our families together. I only wish we spent more time together or talked more, but I know she's always there and I hope she knows I'm here too.
5. Jason - My husband has been a strong influence over me. I've never met a more driven, goal-oriented person. He exemplifies "Dream Big" and is always looking for his next step up in life. Now, a lot of this success-obsessed behavior gets a little overwhelming at times and I think he could tone it down a notch, but this is also something that I'm severely lacking in my personality. I don't have this drive to succeed or continuously make myself better, and I think I could definitely use it. I've always had a narrow scope as far as my goals have been and I don't feel like I'm where I would really want to be, professionally speaking. I'm trying to cast a wider net in where I want to be both professionally and fitness wise (and personally too, I guess) and set some goals for myself and work for them. He gets annoying sometimes with all the pushing, but let's face it, I need it sometimes too!
6. My In-Laws - I'm blessed with some wonderful in-laws. They've given Jason and I tremendous advice and support (especially his mom) over the last couple years and been there during our darkest hours, even though they are 12 hours away. During those really tough times, I've definitely taken their words of encouragement to heart when making some tough decisions. Knowing they have my back helps me stay strong in so many ways - I wish they knew how much its meant to me.
7. The Ex - Let's face it, without his controlling influence for a very influential and important 8 years of my young life, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't be an accountant, I wouldn't have moved to KC for an accounting job at Lockton, I wouldn't have met my BFF Lindsey who introduced me to Jason, who gave me the most wonderful gift of my life and another one on the, thanks for being a controlling, selfish butthead and never changing that for anything, even to save our marriage. Otherwise, I wouldn't have Brazos or Beckett or so many other wonderful experiences in my life.
8. My son(s) - Every decision I have made/will make in my life since May 24, 2010 (day I found out I was pregnant with Brazos) has been and will be for them. I can't even see past them to make a decision for myself anymore. It will always be about them. I want everyday of their lives to be as happy as I can make it for them. I'd give up every ounce of my needs to provide what they need in this life, to prepare them for this crazy life and so they know, they always have me and their dad no matter what.
9. My HS Foreign Language teacher - I fell in love with foreign language and I wanted to be just like my HS FL teacher. She seemed so cool and I wanted to do what she did. She was a great person to look up to, and I wish (except for #7) that I would've pursued my dream instead of Accounting, but God knows better I suppose :)
10. God - He's always been there. I've always known it deep down in my heart, down to the core. He's my best friend and the one I cling to in my darkest hours. I wish I was a better child to Him, because I take Him for granted and ignore His word far to often...but I know He loves me anyway. I've gone through scary rebellious times where I doubted He was there and it was the darkest, scariest, worst time of my life. I never want to be there again. I'm so very blessed to have been raised a christian and know God's love from the beginning. I know I've messed it up far too many times to count, but most of my decisions in life were based on what I thought God wanted me to do (even my mistakes). Whether they were right or wrong, He's always turned them into something good.


Heather said…
Thanks for the sweet words. <3

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