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FAF: Fiber One Bars Warning!!

Starting weight: 166.4
Last week's weight: 164.6
Current weight: 163.8
Weight +GAIN / -LOSS this week: -0.8
Total weight lost: -2.6

Slow and steady wins the race I guess. I'm not going to complain - I haven't had that great of a week eating wise and haven't worked out for a couple days cause I was sick yesterday and the night before. So, I'll take the not.quite.a.pound weightloss. I had a doctor's appt today and fought back the urge to order some diet pills. I may or may not kick my self in the knee for that decision but I might as well give it a try doing it the right/healthy/slow way for a while before I give in to temptation. I'm into instant gratification people so this is tough for me. [Pats self on back] I did have 3 great workouts this week so "go me". I need to eat healthier.

Note to anyone on a diet out their - do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat 2 Fiber One bars in one day. Limit yourself. Gas ball the size of an suv will show up in your gut and try to kill you if you are not used to eating so much fiber in one day.

Happy Dieting Everybody!


Kerri said…
u are doing awesome and every little bit helps!
kick ur self in the knee haha
diet pills help u quickly but once u get off them ppl tend to eat more and have trouble maintaining what they once weighed
i was curious about those fiber bars cause fiber makes u feel fuller ..thanks for the info!!
Melissa said…
Ha @ fiber bars! My Cereal has 10g of fiber in it so I love me some fiber. That's more then most get in a day!

Keep it up! You don't need the side effects of the diet pills.
Crazy Me said…
HAHA about the fiber bars! My sister says the same thing about that activa yogurt!

Steady loss is awesome! Keep up the good work!
Brandy@YDK said…
slow and steady does win the race! good job.

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