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Beckett Anthony Allen

Beckett is here! (Well over 2 months ago)
Born 11/26/13 at 5 pm
8 lbs 14 oz
20.5 in

Contractions started 10:30 pm on 11/25. I was having regular contractions but they weren't very strong. Around 2 am, they were getting a little stronger and we decided to go to the hospital. Jason grabbed Brazos out of bed, blankets and all, and took him over to the neighbors house. Then we were off to the hospital. We called all the grandparents to let them know we were on our way.
They hooked me up to the monitors and watched me for an hour. I made about a cm progress and I was a day passed my due date so they admitted me (about 3 am)
Mom, dad and heather first to arrive. I didn't know Heather was coming so that was an awesome surprise! She didn't get to be there with Brazos so I was beyond thrilled she could be there this time. My dad arrived shortly after.
Contractions were still not painful so I waited for a couple hours to get the epidural, around 6:30 am. That was probably the worst part! She hit a blood vessel and had to take it all the way out and put back in. I couldn't make myself relax when she was putting it back in so it was really painful. Jason was sitting in front of me and he could tell I was really hurting. I was so glad when it was over! They checked me again and I still wasn't making much progress so they started a pitocin drip around 7:30. Jason's friend Vollmecke came to the hospital to visit us and see how we were doing. Beckett was still pretty high up in the birth canal, just like his big brother, and they started moving me from side to side every hour to try and get him pushed down naturally. At 9:00, I was still only at a 3 and they decided to break my water. This time it was much less dramatic than it was with Braz, in fact she wasn't even sure it broke at first. They checked me an hour later and I finally progressed passed a 4. My friend Lindsey came around noon from work. He was still pretty high in the birth canal and he was facing the wrong way. We continued to lay on my side switching sides to get him to move down naturally. My amazing nurse, Dawnell, had me do a few smaller practice pushes towards the end to help with that as well. Jason's friend Jason came up to visit and see how we were doing. He asked me how my uterus was...har har. 
Finally around 4pm it was time to start pushing so everyone left the room but my Mom and Jason. Dawnell had me start pushing and called Dr Rips to let her know it was time. We waited and waited for her. Beckett was ready to be here but we were waiting for the dr. He almost came without her! Daddy was getting very upset that she wasn't there yet. She finally arrived and everything went very fast from there. His oxygen level kept dropping so they had me breathing oxygen while I pushed. They finally gave me a little snip to help get him out faster and once his head was out they saw the cord wrapped around his neck. They unwrapped it and out he came! Dr Rips exclaimed "He's so long!". They plopped him on my tummy and it was love at first sight all over again. He had a terrible looking little cone head because he was faced the wrong way, but he was so beautiful with a head FULL of dark hair. Beckett Anthony Allen was finally here at 5:00 pm on the dot. Everyone who's been there had to get home so they didn't get to see him or hold him very long. Tonya brought Brazos up to the hospital and brought us all something to eat. Seth and Teresa came up that night to meet Beckett. My brother, his girlfriend Brandy and the three kids came to see us too. Daddy and Brazos went home and Beckett and Mommy spent their first night together alone...and I was definitely ok with that after all the visitors we'd had and such a long day.
Beckett was a great eater. He passed all his glucose tests and didn't have to have any formula. Dr Schnick came by the hospital to meet him. He had a slight heart murmur but other than that he is perfectly healthy and passed all his tests without any issues! The next couple days were very quiet, only Daddy and Brazos came to see us. Beckett spent his first Thanksgiving getting a circumcision. Once he was cleared from that we got to come home! Mimi and Popo drive up from Texas that day and arrived around 3pm. Jason made us all a Thanksgiving dinner and we spent the day just relaxing. 

Welcome to the world my sweet little love. We love you so much already! :)


Heather said…
Wish I had more time to cuddle him that day, but I was so happy to be there!

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