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My baby is getting so BIG! And he has changed so much in the last month...

#1 New Thing - He now says "Momma" & "Mom-mom-mom"!! Squee! I love it! :o)

Also: Crawling all over the place, can sit up on his own from pretty much any position, is eating two meals a day which consist of half a jar of baby food and oatmeal, thinks veggies are the bees' knees, still quite the snuggler (especially with mommy), has been fairly consistently going to bed between 8:30 - 9:00 every night and sleeps till I get him up in the morning to go to Sarah's (which is about 6:50ish), has started "clapping" his fists together - hasn't really figured out how to open his hands and clap, loves his "Frank" that Sarah made him and is crazy about his exersaucer/bouncer, is such a little ham - always sooo smiley, already wearing 6-9 mo and 9 months clothes, and he is a BITING FOOL - loves to use those 4 teeth (not sure what I'm going to do with him on this one). He thinks Daddy is hilarious and so much fun and his big brother Jake is the coolest person alive - he adores Jacob and Jake is so good and plays with him all. the. time. when he is at our house. He's a great big brother.

We had some sitter drama last week so Daddy got to play baby-sitter for three days. He and Braz got some much needed bonding time and I think Daddy really liked having him around - even though he's not as easy to take to clients as Jake. I'm really glad he got to be able to watch him since they haven't gotten to spend much time together without me hanging around. Sarah came back this week but Friday is her last day. Tonya is supposed to start back on Tuesday but that's up in the air right now [Hadley has silent reflux and is super cranky and high maintenance and Tonya doesn't feel comfortable watching him till she gets this resolved]. So...we're kind of in Limbo and I need to find a sitter until Tonya can come back. Times like these make so very badly want to be a SAHM...

Braz got to spend a weekend with Grammy & Papa [Mommy and Daddy went on an adult only float trip]. He played with his cousin Max and Aunt Heather and swam for the first time in a [baby]pool! (I use the term "swam" lightly - he sat in his bath seat and splashed around ;) When I went to pick him up on Sunday, he had caught a cold from his big brother so he wasn't feeling well and hadn't slept very well the night before for Grammy, but I think he still had fun - who doesn't have fun when they stay at Grandma's house!? :o)

It seems like he's just growing at an exponential rate! Everyday it seems like he's mastered some new big thing. His personality is showing through more and more and each day I when I don't think I could possibly love him any more, I surprise myself to find that I do. I love being his mommy and he's honestly the best accomplishment I've ever made in my lifetime - and my proudest!

Mommy loves her lil' monster :o)


Brandy@YDK said…
awwwww what a big boy.

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