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Hoppy Easter Ya'll :o)

We went down to Texas for Easter. This was Brazos' first trip down south and by far his longest car ride to date. I sat in back with the B monster and Jake rode shot-gun. He was pretty excited to ride up front AND to go see our family!

Doesn't he look so cute with front teeth!! :o)

Ready to hit the road!

Brazos did awesome on the way down! Only fussed a little when he was hungry. I made sure to feed him at every stop so he could stretch a little. I was so proud of him! We did have SEVERAL poopie diapers on the way down though - little stinker!

Friday morning we made our typical pit stop at Shipley's in Waco for breakfast and hit the last leg of our trip there. When we finally made it to Tom and Pam's, Jason and I crashed and took a little nap. (Well Jason tried, Gemma was being a pain so he only got about 45 minutes or so) Mimi got to spend some quality time with the boys while we rested. Memaw and Papaw were the first ones to arrive to see us and meet Brazos. Memaw snatched Brazos away from Mimi real fast.

Jason and I went on a little shopping trip for clothes for our family pics. We stopped and had Freebirds for lunch. It was delish as usual!! Oh how I love me some Freebirds... We shopped a little and Jason pooped out on me so I went back to the mall later while he finished his nap.

Saturday the family all came over for lunch and to meet Brazos first the first time. I didn't think I was going to get Brazos back from Aunt Julie! Everyone was pretty taken with him, which isn't too surprising, and they all spoiled him pretty good. We took family pics with Elise on Saturday and got some pics of Brazos for his 3 months. She's the photog that took our wedding pics last summer. I can't wait to see them! She had quite the chore getting all four grandkids to take a good pic, but I think she got a couple of good ones in there.

Saturday night, Jason and I got to go out on a mini-date. We went to take Jacob out to stay the night at Memaw & Papaw's and went by Mumsy's house to check on her and say hello. After we visited with Mumsy for a little bit, we decided to go to Casa Ole for dinner - just the two of us. Casa Ole has the B-E-S-T pina colada's ever! So, of course, I had to have one of those with my dinner. It was nice to sit down and eat just the two of us. We at super fast and was only there for about 15 minutes...I guess we are not used to having so much free time to eat anymore! HAHA

Sunday the Easter Bunny came!! Yay!!

Jake's Easter Basket - A new ball glove!! :)

Brazos' Easter Basket - Some new binkies and an AC/DC onesie!!

After Jake hunted the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny left, we all got ready and went to church. The place was PACKED and we had to sit out in the lobby and watch one of the monitors right outside one of the nursery's so it was a little hard to hear but I'm still glad we went. After church, the kiddos hunted for Easter eggs in the backyard (Brazos had to watch of course but he'll be running around with them next year I'm sure!). After church we took them (minus Brazos) to see "Hop". It was freaking adorable! The kids loved it...and so did I actually... I want a bunny!!

We had a great visit and none of us were ready to leave - well, Jason really just didn't want to have to make the 12 hour drive again...HAHA

The Allen Grandkids

On the way home poor Jacob got carsick while he was trying to do some homework. But other than that we had a smooth trip home. We stopped in Gainsville to eat at Cracker Barrell and once we left Texas it rained on us the entire way home. Brazos slept the entire way back. Again, I was super, super proud and a very happy Mommy that he did so well! We'll see how he does on the way down for Christmas this year. He'll be almost a year old by then and it may be a whole new ball game then...


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