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Trip to KC

I went on my first away trip for work this past weekend to the office for the quarterly meeting and to meet/train the new guy.
Jason and the boys drove me to Austin Sunday morning to the airport. My flight went into Atlanta and it was a rough flight, especially since I did not take any Dramamine.
Over Atlanta

From there I flew into KC. I grabbed some Dramamine between flights and while it was still a little rough with turbulence, I didn't have the added air sickness to endure. Much better. Will never fly without it again.
Once I landed, I got my rental car and met mom, dad, Amelia, Josh and Brandy at Coach's for dinner. The windows were all painted up with Royals stuffs.
Love me some Hosmer!

Went straight to the hotel after dinner and crashed. 

Woke up bright and early the next morning for our quarterly meeting. Felt good to get dressed up for work! Instead of my usual yoga pants and tank I sport these days. 
Made sure to sport some royal blue ;)

After a long, crazy day in the office. I had dinner plans with Lindsey. 
Mmmm Sangria!

After dinner we noticed a little sweet shop and stopped in. Had too much giggly girl fun. 

I got a little treat for my boys (not the Gooey Rod) and headed back to the hotel to chat and chill.
Chocolate covered marshmallows for the boys. 

A phone call from Pam (more in another post) put a damper on the rest of the evening but we had a great visit and I'm so glad I got to spend some time with her.
Up and at 'em for Day 2. Sporting my royal blue wedges for game 1 of the World Series. And another super busy and full day was spent at the office. I stayed and worked a little late any then ordered some Joe's BBQ to eat while I watched the big game.
My favorite!!

I chilled in the room, stuffed my face and watched the game in my PJs. All 14 innings! It was a late night but I stuck with them till the end and they WON!

The next morning was travel home day. Woke up sleepy but happy. 

Packed up all 60-some odd ounces of breast milk from the 3 days away from the booby monster. 

And got ready to go home!
Feels weird to be leaving Kansas to go home to Texas but home truly is where the heart is. And all 4 pieces of my heart are there waiting!
Texas! Home Sweet Home!


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