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N9NE Months!

Look at my handsome little man ~ he's barely a baby anymore! Where do I begin with all the amazing things he's accomplished in the last month...

First, he had a dr appt on Tuesday for his well-baby visit and he got his hemoglobin checked (it was perfect) and got flu shot: part 1. He weighs 22 lbs 4.5oz - 88%, and is 18.25 in long - 94%. How did I get such a tall baby?! HAHA

Dr said he has to start weaning off the bottle by around 11 months (should be complete off at 15 months) so we are going to start training on the sippy cup hardcore! I'm not really feeling sad about this because that is just one step closer to NO FORMULA! 3 more months and he can drink cows milk - thank goodness (I have issues with formula if you can't tell ;).

Speaking of in 3 months - In THREE MONTHS, my little baby will be O*N*E! o.O I can't even think about that right now...

Accomplishments this month - Standing On His Own...WITHOUT HOLDING ON! He's going to be walking before he's a year old! Also, waives bye-bye, gives kisses (mainly just to mommy and Tonya), claps, dances (OMG this kid thinks its HILARIOUS when mommy dances), jabber jabber jabbers - he's added so many new consonants to his vocabulary! He says ma-ma, da-da, no-no, ba-ba, has sorta said "dog" and tons more gibberish that if I paid attention is probably actual words. Eats table food; its so fun to be able to feed him at restaurants and see him try new things. He loves everything but the toddler Gerber meals (the pastas with meat sauce and a veggie side)...?! Go figure!

Another first this month - First Sickness. Poor baby had an ear infection in his right ear and had to be on Amoxillin for 10 days (he liked the pink bubble gum medicine though). His ear looked much better at his Dr appt Tuesday, I think we caught it early enough that it wasn't too terrible. I'm overly cautious about ear infections because Jason and I both had them terrible when we were babies. Poor thing just wasn't acting like himself and when he wouldn't eat and was terribly fussy all the time, I KNEW something was wrong. Glad I followed my gut and took him to see his ped.

He is the perfect baby (minus some biting and pinching but we're working on that). He's so sweet and so VERY well behaved. I'm so lucky to have him and I thank God every day for such a blessing. He's the best gift I've ever gotten in my life. I'm so proud to be his mommy. I don't ever want him to grow up! :o)


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