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I just wanna go home...

I'm procrastinating at work. I don't want to deal with the PILE of crap I have on my desk to do and email inbox full of more crap to do. I'm sick of being at work till 8 at night - sick of reconciling - sick of whiny producers and DC's boo-hooing "Where's my money?".


-Excuse me while I go raid the vending machine-


-Ok I'm back-

*Rips open Famous Amos Cookie bag* Munch...Munch...Munch....

Where was I? Oh, yes. My loathe for Accounting Fiscal Year End. can suck the gunk between my toes. Not a fan. I'm drowning with all my responsibilities but, hey, my boss and the Controller took me and two other Staffs out to a "Don't Screw Up" lunch today which was nice. And ominous. Here's a free lunch....Don't F*ck Sh*t Up....

I did suggest we eat at Brio at least. Smirk. My $15.00 Chicken & Sweet Potato Risotto was super freaking yummy.

Why-o-why can't I be one of those idiot House Wives of Wherever women that get to spend their dumb rich husband's money all day and be dramatic and have their own TV show...?? I can be bleach blond/get fake boobs/be dramatic! I like spending money. I think I could handle not having a job...

*Sigh* I would hate the drama part of it though. And those woman are idiots - Really Lucky idiots that got LUCKY (did I mention I feel there is LUCK involved) to be able to have the option of marrying some rich dumb guy - cause it wasn't there supreme looks that sealed the deal for them. Those woman aren't really that attractive. Which is sad cause, with that much money, the bar is set a little bit higher, know what I mean?

So, yeah, my point being. Work blows.


Anonymous said… sorry you are dealing with, too. I think it makes it worse cause it is FINALLY spring and I just wanna be outside! And I am not even dealing with year end. Just daily stuff. Hang in there!!! :)


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