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Beckett vs The Dog

So Beckett had his first ER trip for trauma two weeks ago (April 11). We went to visit some friends of ours and he and their golden retriever had a disagreement and Beckett lost. He was trying to hug and kiss her and she wasn't having it. She snapped at him and bit through his right nostril and her bottom tooth ripped out the tooth between his front right tooth and right I-tooth. Tore up his gums pretty good too.
Jason, Jake and Braz went over to our friends to help with some landscaping and we were all going to have a cookout. Beckett and I lagged behind and went to the store before heading over to their house. Their golden retriever is very old and arthritic and is actually scheduled to be put down today because she's just not doing well. She was laying in the living room when we got there and they said Braz had accidentally fallen on her a little before we got there so she was a little on edge but she's such a sweet dog usually, I didn't think anything of it. Beckett was in the living room with her, doing his usual hugs and open mouth kisses on her but he was being gentle so I walked in the kitchen to unload the groceries we bought and get some shortcakes in the oven. Then I heard a "woof" and Beckett's scream...
My heart sank when I saw him and his little face was covered in blood. I told our friend we were headed to the emergency room after taking one look at the horrible gash in his nose. I didn't even see his mouth yet. Jason ran up front and we hopped in the car to the nearest hospital. 
We had to wait a few minutes to get back there and poor Beckett cried and cried. We finally got back to see someone and they checked him all out and decided no stitches were required, they were just going to glue his nose. They were all finished up and had his face cleaned and his nose glued and Jason saw some blood in his mouth and asked if they could rinse that out and clean his mouth up too. When they were cleaning, Jason saw the puncture wounds on the roof of his mouth and then noticed the missing tooth. The dr had to come back in to check out his mouth and confirmed the missing tooth. He said unless we could find the tooth, we'd have to do X-rays to make sure it wasn't lodged up in his gums or inhaled into his lungs. I started to feel a little woozy from all the blood and adrenaline, so I had to sit down and the nurse brought me juice and crackers. We called our friends and after looking for a few minutes they found the tooth! It was in one piece so no X-rays were needed.  (We later found out they had vacuumed the floor and the tooth was in their bag less vacuum bin). The nurse informed us that she would have to call the bite in to the police so we were forced to file a police report. More drama ensued because their dogs were not yet registered at that address. The officer was nice enough to give them some time to go online and register them before they got there to file the report so they could avoid any fees or having the dog quarantined. Thankfully she was up to date on all her shots. We finally headed back to get the older two boys and we hung out for a few while we ordered Beckett's antibiotics. (Beckett's allergic to amoxicillin so he had to have two nasty antibiotics instead). The pharmacy was packed and the scrip wasn't going to be ready until 11:30 so I took the little boys home to go to bed and Jason hung out till the scrip was ready. I slept on the couch with Beckett that night because I didn't want him to hurt himself or be in pain and because I just didn't want to let him go. It was a long night for mommy but he slept well.
The next 5 days of antibiotics were hell. They tasted awful so he wouldn't just take them so we had to mix them in with food. Even then, he didn't want to always eat the food. With it being a dog bite to the face, it was extremely important that he take them so to say I was stressed out was an understatement.
Thankfully, he's healing up nicely. Both dr and dentist confirmed he's doing great. No further special appts for his tooth, the space should stay open until his adult tooth comes in. And other than him continually trying to pick the scab off his nose, his face is healing fine as well. I think he's going to have a nasty scar not it could've been a lot worse so I'm beyond thankful that's the worst of it.
Face is still a little swollen (and we are covered in baby powder compliments of big brother)

Pulled the glue off his nose right after we left our check up dr appt.

Starting to look better!

Beckett seems unphased by the whole thing. He even is completely fine around dogs. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I know he won't tenement a thing about this experience but I'm definitely scarred for life! I have a feeling Beckett is going to be my accident prone child and this is just one of many trips to the ER we will be making...I'm gonna have to toughen up!


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