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T-E-N {10} Months!

Swoon. Couldn't you just DIE from the cuteness! Oh my handsome little man... you make your mommy's heart melt!

My baby isn't really much of a "baby" anymore. He's creeping into Toddler territory much too quickly for mommy's liking. At the same time, he's oh so much fun.

He had his first Thanksgiving and I think he was definitely a fan. Mommy, Braz and Daddy had a nice quiet turkey day at home just the three of us (which Mommy was definitely a fan of). It was a great, quiet day. I cooked a traditional meal - turkey breast, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, stuffing, and gravy. It was a wonderful day to spend Thanksgiving. Braz LURVES turkey - shoved it in my the handfuls. And sweet potatoes are pretty awesome too, although we already knew he was a fan of those! And OMG, pecan pie = CRACK to Brazos. I shared a little with him and he waved his hands around in excitement and gave a big "MMMMM" with every bite. AND, he threw a huge fit when I wouldn't give him any more. Lovely. Yes, my son now throws fits when he doesn't get his way. I'm trying VERY, VERY hard not to run over and console him when he does this. Its a mommy reflex: Offspring crying = Mommy make it better. We had Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday which was very nice as well but Braz was super tired but refused to nap so I spend most of the day trying to coax him into sleeping. I failed miserably and wasted a lot of fam time, but it was still nice to see everyone as usual.

Brazos took his first step about a week ago. He's finally taking a couple steps when we hold his hands and stand him up (but it takes a LOT of coercion on our parts). He cruises along the couches some, taking a side step or two to get around them. I'm not as convinced he'll be walking by Christmas as I was before but its always possible. He may be taking more steps with the next few weeks. I'm conflicted on whether I should be practicing with him more or just let him do it on his own...

He's a pro at the sippy cup with a straw - and he looks like such a big kid drinking out of a big kid cup with a straw! He still doesn't get that you have to tip the cup UP when drinking from a regular sippy cup but he still does it when I tip it for him. We're still working on that one. I honestly think we could cut the bottle out all together right now and he'd be fine. I just worry about him getting enough formula during the day though. I really don't think he's getting enough now. I am also trying really hard to make sure he's eating more and more table foods and not eating as much baby food, but DANG, you guys, baby food is sooo much easier than figuring out little figure foods every day! He's getting a little more picky about his foods but some of foods on his yummy list are: bananas, turkey, cranberry salad (this one surprised me), yogurt, guacamole, green beans, corn casserole, apple sauce, and he still digs a lot of his baby food - another reason its hard to cut him back on it!

So, I don't think the bottle is going to be an issue, but Oh Man, the BINKIE will be fun...I say fun as in the horribly UNfun, kind of fun.

He's starting to repeat words now: Mama, Mommy, Dada, Nana (banana), No-No, Dog, Baby, Bye-bye. I don't know if he really knows what they are or not but I'm thinking his first word is "Dog". He has used it a couple times without me saying it first when Gemma is around. I wish I could use "Momma" as his first word but I don't have 100% evidence that he was saying it in reference to me. Darn it... He also had started clapping and is starting to play pat-a-cake - he even does the "rolling". Its pretty darned adorable. We've been working on identifying "eyes", "nose", and "mouth" and he has nose down pretty well. He doesn't point to his own nose but he always points to mine whenever I ask "Where's Momma's nose?". Again, adorable. He loves to sing. He REALLY loves to dance. And he's been reserving kisses ONLY for his momma! Love. It. Daddy is just too whiskery and he always waves Jason's face away from his when Jason asks for kisses. BUT, he does give Daddy "five" now - Daddy taught him that one. My brain is frazzled so that's all I can think of as far as accomplishments this month...

We got his first ear infection cleared up and now he has another one. He's been on meds for a couple days and it not getting ANY better - in fact, he's actually worse. So, we got a new med today and if he doesn't improve, little Braz gets to visit an ENT specialist. I'm hoping for the best but I'm sure he'll become good friends with Dr. ENT Specialist since Jason and I both had ear issues as babies. I just want to add, I reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy don't like my baby being sick.

I'm starting to think of 1st Birthday themes and I think I may have it narrowed down to one - but I'm not 100% quite yet so I'll post a pic when I officially decide. Can you believe its less than 2 MONTHS AWAY??! Yeah, I KNOW.

I'm super pumped, excited about Braz first Christmas. We put up the Christmas tree last Saturday and he was basically unimpressed B.U.T. I have a feeling he'll be in hog heaven with the wrapping paper... :o)

My little man just gets more and more fun every day. He's growing up so fast and I'm dreading the day when Mom becomes LAME and he doesn't want me anymore. I love him so much and he's by far the best thing (still) that I've ever done with my life. Being a mommy really makes the world go round, doesn't it?


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