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What's New With Us...

I love being a mommy :o)

So, what's new with the Allen's you ask? Loads! I'll give you a not-so-quick and long winded update for each of us.

Jason had shoulder surgery June 3rd to repair a slightly torn rotator cuff and some torn cartilage. So he's a gimp and constantly uses the joke "It wasn't me, it was the one armed man..." He's cheesy but I love him. Moving on, he's feeling great and thinking this surgery was a breeze and overdoing it if you as me (Edited to add: He had an appointment on the 9th with his doc who told him he was overdoing it - I love being right). Case in point: The evening after he had the surgery - just a mere 3 hours afterwards - we went to watch Jake play his baseball game an hour and a half away in the 90 degree heat. Brilliant. He said he would be/was fine but he looked a little green around the gills from the anesthesia wearing off after an hour or so. His reason for pushing himself to go - because he told Jake he would be there. In other Jason news, he's studying like crazy for the CSCS exam, reading his exam book from cover to cover, highlighter and notecards in hand. I'm very proud of him for taking this step. He hates tests but he's doing it anyway. Always constantly working on his goal of owning his own gym. Business is eh, ok right now. A little slow but that's pretty typical from I can tell for this time of year.

Little Ol' Me
Me, well I'm busy, busy, busy. I feel like I'm going non-stop from the time I get up till the time I go to bed. I didn't think I could get any busier until after Jason had his surgery and apparently, you can ALWAYS be busier than you are right now. My life pretty much revolves around Brazos and/or Jason so I don't have a lot to update about just MYSELF. I do have work news! I finally got notified where they are putting me...and its GOOD news! I'm officially moving into the Divisional Accounting department under the b*e*s*t Controller and the KC office. I was later notified that for now, it only going to be for 9-12 months since this controller usually gets the Senior Accountant of the group, but if after 9 months or so he wants to keep me, then I get to stay....which would mean a promotion! Now, to work my butt off for the next year, right? Fun times ahead I am sure. I'm losing my beloved Fixed Assets (note the hint of sarcasm) to the Tax department so I'll be phasing that into their hands over the next month and training on DA duties. Hoping to be completely transitioned by the middle of July. Which probably means end of August. So, that's exciting. I'm down to my last 4 lbs of baby weight which is muy awesome. I want to lose another 20 lbs besides that but I'm not letting myself think about that until after I've gotten to my pre-Brazos weight. I haven't dedicated myself as well as I should, don't work out as hard as I should, definitely not eating as I should. But, I'm still breastfeeding (so can't really cut calories like I want to) and I have a 4 month old at home that doesn't like to hang out while mommy's working out and a husband that doesn't get home till 8 every night and doesn't have time to train me. I'm hoping to kick my own butt once I'm no longer a milk factory and my body is 100% mine to abuse as I wish.

Jake the Snake
Jake is going to be moving on to the 2nd grade. Jason and I aren't happy about this decision but we'll see how it goes next year and hopefully we can try getting custody of him if he still hasn't improved. I guess that would be one positive side. But, school's out right now and we're focused on the fun summer ahead. Jake's in baseball for the first time this year. He's batting very well and if his coaches weren't dumb, and he got to rotate positions, I know he would be doing great in the field as well. He's currently stuck in right field or on the bench so he's not seeing a lot of action there. 90% of the team is made up of coach's sons so....yeah, there go. Nuff said. He's going to go to Branson for a week with him mom, grandmother and their family and then he's with us for the summer - excluding the 4th of July of course. We have him signed up for Summer Camp and I'm sooooo excited for him. He's going to have so much fun this summer! He's very excited :o) I hope he makes a few new friends so he has buddies down here to play with. He's made a little friend down the street from our house and stayed the night over there one night while we had him for the weekend. So glad he finally has a friend.

The Braz Monster
Braz is growing, growing, growing. I swear he looks bigger every day that I pick him up from Tonya's. He's a pro at rolling now, and he's even pushing up on his hands and rocking back onto his knees and scooting himself forward. I'm sure I'll be posting about him crawling in my next update or very soon after! We're still working on sitting up on his own. I think he's strong enough to do it, just need to practice a little more and spend a little more time in the bumbo. He's getting such a little personality and is becoming quite the momma's boy (he's completely fond of Tonya too though and I think he might trade me in if he could - HAHA). He's starting to giggle more and more and he's definitely a morning person. Very happy and smiley in the morning. Napping during the day isn't really his thing, but he's still sleeping through the night AND he's starting going to bed between 8:30 - 9:30. He's still my little snuggle bug. I hope that never goes away. And our favorite part of the day is when we get home after mommy gets off work and picks him up and we sit in the glider in his room and rock/eat/cuddle/relax. He's also quite the jabber box. Tonya says he jabbers to the TV, especially when the news anchors are on. He loves watching baseball or any sports for that matter on TV. Wonder who he gets that from? :o)

Right now, I'm keeping an eye out for a new place to rent. I want to move to a better neighborhood and school district. Haven't seen anything yet but we aren't in a hurry to move either. Jason's happy where we are but I'm not liking the neighborhood anymore and its not a good school district at all, so Momma gets what Momma wants I guess - LOL! I'll post more of an update on the house situations we have going on later...

Well, that's it! I'm sure I'm forgetting something or several somethings but its taken me a couple weeks to type up this one so I'm just going to post it and call it good. Chao!


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