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You're My Honeybunch, Sugar Plum, Pumpy-umpy-umpkin!

Brazos Carl Allen is 11 weeks old (on Tuesday) ~ how that happened I'm still trying to figure out. This pic was from last Sunday. He thinks his Daddy is kind of funny. I have to agree. :o) Its from Jason's phone so its a little fuzzy but you can still see the cuteness ~ could probably spot it from a mile away.

Just wanted to jot down a few of the Braz man's little quirks and accomplishments:
*He is soooooooo close to giggling, still. I could almost count a couple times as a giggle, but nothing official...yet. Tonya says he's so close, he sort of has his own little "almost" giggle.
*He has a short fuse temper. The boy will be smiling and cooing one second and a split, half-second later he's pissed and screeching at the top of his tiny lungs ie "You better come pick me up NOW or your ear drums will bleed!". And he could make your ear drums bleed, you best believe.
*When he's nursing, he always hikes his top leg up onto my chest and puts his foot on my arm and, like, stomps his foot on my arm. Its the cutest thing....I don't know why, it just IS. *He will be nursing for a while and then all the sudden he'll pause and look up at me for a second and then smile real big with boob still in his mouth. I don't know what's so funny but he does it a lot, almost every time. Maybe he's just enjoying dinner or the means in which dinner is served - typical man, right?!
*He's starting to play with his toys hanging from his car seat and from his bouncer. The red star on his bouncer is old news but he still only has eyes for the red star when it comes to playing in the bouncer. His monkey on his car seat though is new and he lurves it! He bats it with his hand and tries really hard to grab it. Its like he's concentrating soooooo hard just to reach up there, open his hand, and grab onto the fuzzy little monkey. He misses several times and has to start over but every once in a while he gets the timing right and grabs on...same with the red star.
*Jason and I have noticed he seriously favors his left hand. He uses it a LOT more than the right. Could possibly have a lefty on our hands...
*He's happiest in the morning right after he's eaten. Those used to be our "chit-chat" times but that doesn't happen any more since Mommy's gone back to work. He still loves to "oooh" and jabber back and forth with mommy though and he's adding to the different sounds he makes all the time.
*Loves to be sung to. Either Daddy singing to him with the iPod or Mommy's silly singing "My honeybunch" or "You are my sunshine" to him. He just lays in our arms and stares, smiles, cute.
*When you hold him, he is so snuggly! He "hugs" his arms around you: one around your arm and one around your neck. I guess you have to say "around" loosely since he can't really fit his little arms "around" anything. He's just so sweet and snuggly. And always wants to be held and snuggled. This is good and bad. Very bad when you are trying to do dishes, supper, get dressed, GO TO THE BATHROOM. When he wants to be held, he does NOT want to be put down even for a minute. Its the worst in the evening...Daddy and I are ready for this to ease up a little bit at least in the evenings. Its a little exhausting. Especially since he doesn't go to bed until 9:30 - 10 at the earliest.
*He's been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now. I switch him from back to belly and he's been an all-nighter ever since. "Back Is Best" my petunia! He's only had one night where's he hasn't slept 6 straight hours [at least] and that was the night before my first day back to work (go figure).
*Braz seems to be doing really well with Tonya, which I am so grateful for. She seems to be great with him and gives him lots of love and attention. Since I can't be there to do it, I'm so thankful I have someone that can be.
*His face is VERY expressive. He's always making little faces and uses his eyebrows a lot. He crinkles his little nose when he smiles or coo's at you. He furrows his eyebrows all the time and looks so serious... His little face is so easy to read. Its pretty funny to watch him actually!

This is all I can really think of at the moment. He's such a good baby and already has such a little personality. I'm so torn ~ sometimes I just can't hardly wait for him to hurry and grow up some more so I can see he'll be like in the next stage, and the next, and the next... But then, I just want him to stay this little and stay my precious little baby Brazos forever! Isn't that the eternal mommy struggle, though? :o) I love my little man so much and I absolute adore being his mommy. I am so very blessed to have him in my life!


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