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Happy Half Birthday to my BeeBee!!

Doesn't he just melt your heart? :o)

My baby is 6 months old. While I can't believe how fast the past six months have gone, I am loving every second of this age! He's so much fun, smiles and laughs all the time. We had his 6 month well baby visit and he weighs 19.9 lbs and is 27 3/4" long! He's so tall which makes me laugh cause his daddy and I are so not - haha!

We've had lots of new changes and happenings in Braz's little world. He's so close to crawling, he just needs to figure out how to put one hand/knee in front of the other to make himself go. Otherwise, he's completely mobile. He can get just about anywhere he wants to now. [Time to baby proof!!!] I had already started feeding him a little bit of cereal but just in his bottle. Since his well baby visit, he's been eating 2 bowls of rice cereal a day and has added BANANAS into the mix! Yum! It took him a couple days to get it down but he's finally figured it out I think and got impatient with mommy last night cause I wasn't feeding him fast enough. :o) Tonya had her baby so he's been going to a new sitter for the time being. Sarah has a 4 month old baby boy so Braz has had to share the spot light a little bit. I was worried he would miss all the attention but he seems happier than he ever has been! I think he likes having a buddy to play with. Sarah says he's a super good baby and the boys get along great. I won't worry about much now when he goes back to Tonya's cause he'll be used to another little one around. Sarah's an ex-photograher (only had an actual biz for a short time) and takes pictures all the time. On Braz's 6 month b-day, she pulled out her pro camera and took some pics of him while Truett was sleeping. The above pic is one that she took and they are absolutely my favorite pics of him. They show his personality perfectly!

My son is quite the jabberbox [don't know where he gets it]! He talks and jabbers all the time. He's added a TON of new consonants and sounds to his vocab. His favorite is "ba-ba-ba-ba" which sort of turns into "bah-bah" and "da-da". He's also added "n", "r", and "p" that I've noticed and "k". Its turning more into jabbering than just one sound. And his facial expression KILL ME when he's really getting into his little story! He's so funny! He's slipped in a couple of "mama" in his jibberish which I can't wait till he associates me with that word and starts saying it in context!!

I had to go through my little monster's clothes for the second time and weed out all the ones that don't fit anymore. His wardrobe has dwindled significantly!! I've bought a few onsies so he'd have plenty to wear this summer - thank goodness all he needs are onsies with this hot weather, they are the cheapest!! He needs to slow down on his growing [For oh, so may reasons! Ha!] He's already in his 6-9 month outfits. He zoomed right past the 6 months size!

Leah let us borrow Drake's old bouncy seat and Braz thinks its the greatest thing he's ever played with his whole entire life. He L-O-V-E-S to bounce in that thing. He smiles and laughs and jabbers and never seems to get tired of it. Its so cute!! When he's sitting in it and playing, I always say "Brazies like to bounce! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy..." and he cracks up. A-Dor-Able! I think we should nickname him Tigger...

I've really, really, really wanted to take Braz to the pool so I could be there for his first time in the water but we just have not had the time/money to go! Sarah is taking him with her to her family reunion next Friday and she asked if she could take him in the pool with them before I get there to pick him up. I'm so torn because I want him to be able to go (I know he would LOVE it) but I want to be there for his first time...Being a working mom sucks! I hate missing out on things with him.

It seems like he's just getting so big. He's really becoming a little person and more and more interactive every day. He seems to know what's going on around him and reacts so much more to everything. He giggles when you tickle him now. He loves his daddy and thinks daddy is just hilarious! He'll watch Jason wherever he goes - although he still is definitely a momma's boy :o) Jason's gets to be more involved with feeding/putting him to sleep/etc now that we are doing more formula [post on bf'ing later] and I love that he's able to do more of these things. Not because I want to do them less, just because I feel he gets the shaft on spending time with Braz. I could sit here and write about him for a day and a half but I better wrap it up. Happy 1/2 year to my sweet, precious baby boy!! Mommy loves you like a fat kid loves cake...with sprinkles!!!!


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